Summer School

GSN Summer School Programs Tailored for Maximum Success

School districts are often challenged to cost-effectively implement a summer program that addresses the maximum number of student needs. GSN’s online learning solutions offer schools the individualized learning experience necessary for a successful summer school program.

Summer school programs address many outstanding student needs, including:

  • credit recovery;
  • grade level acceleration;
  • easing the transition from middle school to high school; and
  • basic skills remediation.

Differentiating Instruction to Meet Individual Needs

GSN’s digital curriculum makes it possible to individualize instruction to help each student get the most out of the summer school experience. Students can progress at their own pace, taking as much — or as little — time as necessary to master the material. Direct instruction incorporates multimedia in the form of images, audio, video, animation, and interactive elements, along with instructional text that provides students with multiple concept representations and addresses different learning styles. A variety of assessment tools help students to gauge their own understanding, improve performance and chart progress and skill development. Unit-level diagnostics allow students to move quickly over material they have previously mastered.

Implementing Distance Learning When Local Teachers Are Not Available

Oftentimes, schools are challenged to find certified teachers to staff a summer school program, even when there is demand from students and their parents. Offering enrollment in online courses with instruction provided by certified teachers can provide students the opportunity to take courses during the summer. Students can work anywhere — in a school computer lab supervised by a facilitator, at the local library or community center, or from home. School districts that are unable to implement a summer school program due to budget constraints often find distance-learning programs to be an affordable option for families looking for supplementary education programs for their children.