Middle to High School Transition

Preparing Transitioning Students for High School Success

“Students who drop out are already behind by 10th grade.” — National Center for Education Statistics*

For many at-risk students, failure to keep up in 9th-grade courses may be a key factor in the decision to drop out of high school. To address this issue, a growing number of schools are implementing programs designed to provide support for students making the critical transition from middle to high school. Whether utilized for targeted remediation for students in middle school, a summer bridge program between the 8th and 9th grades, or a 9th-grade academy, GSN provides curriculum solutions that can help educators meet the diverse needs of transitioning students and put them on the path to graduation.

GSN’s courseware is designed to:

Build Basic Math Skills

Math Foundations courses were specifically developed to provide remediation of required math skills for students ages 13 and older. Carefully paced, guided multimedia instruction is accompanied by interactive practice, preparing students for success in high school math courses.

Foster Success in Algebra I

Success in Algebra I is an important predictor of whether a student will drop out or remain in high school and graduate. GSN’s online courses in Introductory Algebra and Algebra I offer an individualized learning experience to support success for at-risk students in this critical gateway subject.

Develop Proficiency in Reading and Writing

Designed for adolescents reading below basic and below proficient, English Foundations courses offer structured remediation and practice in reading and writing to prepare students for grade-level high school courses.

Establish a Foundation of Success in 9th-Grade Coursework

The individualized learning experience of an online course may be just what at-risk students need to be successful in high school coursework. For below-proficient readers, standards-based Literacy Advantage courses in math, science, English, and social studies provide the necessary scaffolding to support comprehension of grade-level academic content and develop capacity as readers and writers. The learning scaffolding in GSN’s Core high school courses will benefit more proficient readers.

*Course Credit Accrual and Dropping Out, by Student Characteristics, NCES