GSN Online Education Benefits Students and Teachers

Benefits to Students:

  • GSN programs include all subjects required for graduation
  • Learning, teaching and assessment approaches designed to meet students’ needs, learning styles and interests
  • Real-time progress monitoring
  • Tailored to fit student and family learning styles, interests, and needs
  • Multi-media and graphics-enhanced lessons
  • No physical classroom time required – flexible schedule option
  • Opportunities for improvement in motivation, engagement, positive learning styles and independent learning skills
  • Feedback tools designed to increase learning opportunities and build critical thinking skills
  • Great catch-up opportunity for students who have fallen behind
  • Individualized learning approach eliminates possibility of “falling through the cracks”
  • Students have more control over how and when they work
  • User-friendly, comprehensive and fair access to high-quality education
  • Flexible learning schedule – No on-campus time required
  • No textbooks to carry

Benefits to Teachers:

  • Curriculum easily customized to meet students’ needs
  • Easy, real-time progress monitoring
  • 90% of work scored by computer
  • Assessment results available on-demand
  • Easy access to printable, detailed student progress reports