GSN School Partnership Opportunities

Global Student Network (GSN) is partnered with public schools, charter schools, private schools, church-based schools and homeschools around the world to provide state-of-the-art, high quality online K-12 education in a unique multi-program format not available from other online curriculum providers.  GSN partnerships offer an unusual opportunity to access seven major curriculum programs – all from one, convenient, central online location.


  • Sports academies – GSN’s education partner, the International Virtual Learning Academy (, is a fully accredited, degree-granting online K-12 school that is NCAA-authorized to offer NCAA approved courses.
  • Tutoring organizations and centers – GSN’s on-staff tutoring services provide fulltime access to an online tutoring program and certified tutors and teachers who provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective learning experience on a real-time basis. Tutoring centers wishing to augment their staffing capabilities can partner with GSN to increase their ability to offer full-time K-12 tutoring services to a wider audience, including students who require skill development assistance. Students entering a tutoring center would be tested to determine where their strengths and/or weaknesses lie and, based on testing results, would focus only on those skills that need further development.

Public and charter schools – GSN is partnered with U.S. public and charter schools for the purposes of:

    1. increasing the school’s ability to offer blended learning programming;
    1. augmenting teaching staff and realizing budget savings using GSN certified instructors;
    1. expanding course availability for summer school programming; and
  1. broadening and diversifying course offerings and teaching support in under-served and/or rural schools who may not have access to online education programming without the benefits of a GSN partnership agreement.
  • Private schools and Religion-based Schools – GSN is partnered with a broad range of private and religion-based schools and organizations that use our online curriculum and digital learning tools to offer increased flexibility to students, teachers and administrators, further facilitating their school’s ability to meet the needs of each student’s unique learning style.
  • Homeschools – Since 2004, GSN has partnered with dozens of homeschools around the world to offer online K-12 programming to families who wish to provide a quality education to their children who function and thrive more successfully outside the traditional brick-and-mortar school format.
  • Homeschool Cooperatives – GSN has partnered with a number of homeschool coops for the purpose of increasing their collective purchasing power.


The benefits of partnering with GSN include:

    • A single-source solution for all your K-12 online education needs;
    • Open access to seven (7) high-quality online academic programs giving a school the option of enrolling individual students in any of the available curriculum tracks;
    • Instant online availability of over 2000 individual courses;
    • Access to a broad selection of electives;
    • The opportunity to work with our professional sales and customer service support team;
    • Access to GSN’s on-staff, top quality, certified, professional teachers and mentors;
    • Fulltime use of our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS);
    • K-12 educational programming leading to a high school diploma; and
  • Affordable tuition.


Finding high quality online curriculum is a challenging task.  GSN has taken the guesswork out of the process by carefully selecting a suite of seven (7) state-of-the-art online programs that we believe to be the best K-12 online curriculum available anywhere.  We are the only online provider that offers such a broad selection of online programs and courses at one location.  Based on our relationships with each curriculum source, we are able to offer fulltime access and unbeatable prices to all of our partners through our GSN partnership arrangements.  Unlike any other curriculum provider, GSN can offer great prices to schools with only a minimum of five fulltime students.  This is almost unheard of in the online education community.  Most curriculum providers require a minimum of 50-100 students before they will contract to work with your school.