Dropout Prevention & Recovery

In an effort to retain at-risk students and bring back those who have dropped out, a growing number of high schools are offering non-traditional programing using digital learning approaches. GSN is specifically equipped to assist your school in closing the student retention gap.

  • GSN’s digital curriculum offerings make it possible to address diverse student needs through individualized instructional models. Students can progress at their own pace, taking as much — or as little — time as necessary to master the material.
  • “Direct instruction” using GSN courseware incorporates multimedia in the form of images, audio, video, animations, and interactive elements, along with instructional text, to provide students with multiple concept representations and a focus on individual learning styles. Multiple assessment models help students gauge their understanding and improve performance while charting progress and skill development.  Unit-level diagnostics allow students to move quickly over material they have previously mastered.
  • GSN courseware incorporates “instructional scaffolding”where appropriate and useful, in order to support academic success for all students, including those who have not been successful in traditional programs.

GSN’s dropout prevention-related curricula include:

  • Foundationscourses – meet the needs of students who are not prepared for grade-level academic challenges and need to develop basic skills in math, reading, and writing before tackling high school academic courses.
  • Literacy Advantage courses – integrate literacy scaffolding to support below-proficient readers in mastering required content in high school math, science, English, and social studies.
  • Core courses – meet the needs of a range of students as they endeavor to master rigorous content and earn credits toward graduation.