Seven (7) Full-Curriculum Programs + Supplemental Curriculum

Choose one or… MIX & MATCH ALL based on your student’s educational needs.

Is your school or school district looking for a way to increase productivity, lower costs and expand student learning options?  Global Student Network (GSN) offers an opportunity to establish an Online Learning Academy with pricing packages not offered by other online curriculum service providers.


Enroll now with a LOW MINIMUM of just five (5) students and NO SET-UP FEES

As a school, signing up with Global Student Network includes :

  • Customized website
  • Student enrollment assistance
  • Complete professional orientation and training for faculty and administration
  • Recruitment materials for students and faculty
  • Assistance with student/teacher data entry via GSN’s curriculum platform
  • Individual usernames and passwords for each student, teacher and administrative staff member
  • Ongoing technical and programming support


If you are in need of extra teachers, let us help you. Contact us to find out how our fully- licensed/certified teachers have successfully served other “partnership schools”. (Additional fees will apply) 


ACCELERATE LEARNING – Accelerate Learning offers rich and engaging content designed to engage K-12 students.  Activities include labs, journals, written assignments, and interactive games.  Accelerate focuses on literacy at early grade levels, including reading aloud, building vocabulary, shared and independent reading experiences, writing skills, and speaking and listening practice.  In addition, Accelerate provides hands-on learning opportunities as part of its early-grade educational development programming. Accelerate’s flexible courseware can be tailored to meet a student’s specific needs while providing quality instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science, Physical Education, Social Studies, and Arts and Crafts.

APEX LEARNING – Apex Learning educational software is a standards-based digital curriculum focused on math, science, English, social studies, world languages and Advanced Placement courses.  Apex Learning courseware can be used to gain original credit, for credit recovery, remediation, educational intervention and acceleration and exam preparation.  Schools across the country are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to assist students in building foundational skills and creating opportunities for advanced coursework.  Apex Learning seamlessly transitions to Common Core with digital curriculum created to address the full and real intent of the standards.  Apex Learning students engage in active learning that assists them in developing critical thinking skills and preparing them for college and work.  Apex Learning courses have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as meeting the requirements for initial-eligibility certification status for high school student-athletes wishing to compete in college.

HONORS COURSES– GSN Honors courses are standards-based general studies courses that meet the needs of motivated students seeking to accelerate their learning and deepen conceptual understanding. With many opportunities to apply, extend, and synthesize knowledge, GSN Honors courses are ideally suited to prepare students for the rigors of Advanced Placement* courses.  (NOTE: “Advanced Placement” is a registered trademark of the College Board.)  Each semester course offers 90–120 hours of interactive direct instruction, guided practice, and robust enrichment, with integrated formative, summative, and diagnostic assessment.

IGNITIA Christian-based Courseware  –   Alpha Omega Publications®, a leading provider of Christian online curriculum has allowed GSN to share its newest release of Ignitia™.   Ignitia™ offers six core subjects for students in grade 3-12: Bible studies, math, science, language arts, history, and geography. In addition to core courses, Ignitia™ also integrates a wide range of electives into the curriculum. Ignitia curriculum delivers robust academics in a streamlined process that promotes individualized learning.

ODYSSEYWARE –  ODYSSEYWARE delivers user-friendly comprehensive Core, Elective and K-12 curriculum and educational tools designed to equip learners for academic success by incorporating a mix of grade-appropriate texts, direct instruction videos, learning activities and games. Odysseyware lessons are designed to address diverse learning styles and allow valuable interaction between learners and teachers. Direct Instruction Videos provide step-by-step guidance to assist students in understanding key skills, acquiring background knowledge, placing learning concepts into real-world context, and allowing students to learn at their own pace.  Odysseyware courses include reading; writing; math and science virtual labs; dynamic learning activities and games; and real-time student program assessment tools.

PLATO PLATO is an award-winning computer based online educational approach based on a single-point “launch pad” concept.  PLATO courseware is a standards-based online learning program incorporating state-of-the-art teaching approaches designed to help learners to become more innovative and productive in their learning and studying habits.  PLATO can be used in a lab setting; as a blended model in which online courses supplement a traditional classroom model; or as a completely virtual experience.  PLATO courseware gives educators the technology required to make real-time, results-driven decisions that can effectively boost student achievement and create an educational environment that can produce long-term, ongoing academic improvement and equip students for success on college entrance exams.

A+ COURSEWARE A+ Courseware delivers core curriculum for grades Kindergarten to 12th grade. It is aligned with national and state standards. Contains over 5,500 lessons and over 200,000 content pages with graphics and multi-media enhancements. Great for visual and audio learners.  Allows flexibility to personalize courses to meet individual student needs and is tailored to fit all learning styles. An ideal alternative learning environment leading to success in Adolescent Literacy, Credit Recovery, English Language Learners, Middle to High School Transition, Remediation and Summer School.

e-DYNAMICS LEARNING – Global Student Network is pleased to announce the addition of fifty electives to its online curriculum lineup.  These electives allow students to customize their learning as well as to interact with other students.

Features include –

  • Higher Level Thinking Skills – Students use critical thinking to apply course concepts to various situations and experiences.
  • Motivating Review – Entertaining games assist students in preparing for tests.
  • Comprehensive Instructor’s Guide – An extensive guide enables teachers to manage curriculum and monitor student work.
  • Engaging Learning – e-Dynamics employs various presentation formats including videos, podcasts, interactive online activities, iTunes integration, and professional graphics and animation.

ROSETTA STONE/LANGUAGES – Rosetta Stone language training features engaging photographs as well as text and audio/video interactions. The program offers a systematic approach to teaching relevant skills using an intuitive, immersive interface. Basic exercises focus on a combination of skills including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The program includes a voice recognition feature that allows students to practice speaking and receive feedback on proper pronunciation. Lessons are tracked through a comprehensive learner progress tool. The program also provides assistance to students wishing to focus on their weaker learning areas. Students can choose which units and exercises to study, or take a guided tour through the entire course.

STUDY ISLAND – Founded in 2000, Study Island is a Language Arts and Math supplemental product – not a full curriculum. Study Island provides K-12 students state-specific, grade-level academic coursework in a fun and engaging format. Study Island products are standards-based instructional, practice, assessment and productivity tools used to improve both student and educator performance via fully web-based platforms. Study Island course content is customized to specific state standards in math, reading, writing, science and social studies and includes engaging interactive features and games that reinforce and reward learning achievement. Educators can track student performance in real-time to identify and resolve individual learning gaps while monitoring student progress and measuring teacher effectiveness.  All of Study Island’s programs are designed to create a user-friendly learning experience for both students and teachers.