School FAQs

What Kind of Services Does Global Student Network Offer? 

Global Student Network provides seven (7) online curriculum programs to schools and students worldwide. GSN programs include 2000+ K-12 courses. GSN’s learning management system supports students, teachers and administrators and includes built-in assessment, alignment, and curriculum management tools.

How Do I Start an Online School?


    1. SUBMIT SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM – Create your School’s account for enrolling faculty and students.
    1. PROVIDE TRAINING FOR FACULTY & STAFF – Your faculty, staff & administrators will receive comprehensive training in using GSN’s completely web-based system.
  1. SUBMIT STUDENT AND FACULTY ENROLLMENTS – Submit easy to use online student & faculty enrollment forms. Within 24 hours, usernames & passwords will be emailed to you.


  • GSN works in collaboration with your school
  • Use your own teachers or use our teachers
  • GSN offers free consultation to help make starting your school a seamless process


  • Protect your student base
  • Protect your financial base
  • Increase your school’s graduation rates
  • Create an opportunity for your school to offer a wider variety of courses; and
  • Give your school the tools to Service Non-Traditional Students

How is Student Progress Monitored?

All student work and progress can be viewed from GSN’s student, parent, teacher and administrator portals.   Visual cues provide instant feedback when a student has viewed, completed or submitted an assignment.

When a student submits a completed assignment, it is transferred to the “teacher” module. Teachers can select automatic grading for most lesson questions.  Parents can monitor their student’s progress through the Parent portal which is a read-only version of the Student portal.

Is GSN Coursework Accredited?

Courses and curriculum cannot be separately accredited. Accreditation is granted to educational organizations based on many considerations, including the curriculum that is used and the faculty and staff that deliver education services. GSN curriculum programs are currently in use by more than 15,000 school districts nationwide, most of which are accredited by regional accrediting organizations.

Are All GSN Courses 100% Online? 

Yes, each course within GSN’s curriculum is delivered online.  Some of the courses have additional resource requirements.

Are GSN’s Programs a Good Fit for Special Education Students?

Use of GSN’s curriculum programs can be is beneficial to students with learning disabilities. Some of the features that are particularly valuable for students with special learning needs are:

  • Flexible curriculum: An annual license covers unlimited courses  for 365 days. If a subject is too difficult, or to easy, a student’s coursework can be adjusted up or down a grade (or more) to make sure they’re learning at the appropriate level.
  • 24/7 availability: A student can access the courseware in their optimum learning period, anywhere, any time.
  • Teacher over-ride: Teacher modules include answer keys that calculate the percentage of correct responses, but the teacher can over-ride lesson and course grades.
  • Individualized feedback: GSN’s internal messaging system reduces the stigma of student embarrassment in the classroom. Only the teacher knows the student’s working grade level.

Does GSN Offer Christian Curriculum Options?

Global Student Network has partnered with Alpha Omega Publications to exclusively offer the best online Christian curriculum directly to private schools and homeschool families.

Can I Take a Foreign Language Course Through GSN?

We’ve also partnered with Rosetta Stone to offer foreign languages directly to private schools and homeschool students.

Virtual Learning Academy FAQs

Who Can Start a Virtual Learning Academy?

Any Public, Charter, Alternative, International or Private school is eligible to organize a Virtual Learning Academy. Any group with a minimum of five students is qualified to participate in Global Student Network’s “Start Your Own Virtual Learning Academy” program.   Benefits for participants with a minimum of five students include:

  • No school set-up fees
  • School naming opportunity
  • A choice of Christian or non-religious curriculum programs and courses

Where Do Virtual Learning Academy Students Meet and Who Oversees the Students?

Many private schools, homeschools or homeschool support groups/co-ops have used churches, rented buildings, garages or private homes as meeting places.  Because your Virtual Learning Academy is web-based, you will be able to locate your school site anywhere Internet access is available.  Student oversight can be provided by a teacher hired as an onsite facilitator.  GSN also offers virtual teacher support for online assignment and lesson assistance.