Individualize Instruction to Provide Targeted Remediation

GSN’s digital curriculum offers the opportunity to individualize instruction to address the unique remediation needs of each student.

Develop Basic Skills with Age-Appropriate Content

GSN’s Foundations courses are specifically designed to address the interests and maturity of students ages 13 and older. Moving at an individual pace, each student is able to take as much — or as little — time as they need to acquire skills appropriate to grades 3 to 8. Interactive multimedia instructional content, extensive scaffolding, frequent opportunities for practice, and integrated formative assessment help students succeed where they did not in the past.

Prepare Students for Success in Algebra I

GSN’s math Foundations courses integrate carefully paced, guided instruction with interactive practice to remediate math skills required for students to succeed in Algebra I and beyond.

Support Literacy Development for Struggling Readers and Writers

GSN’s English Foundations courses offer solutions for below-basic and below-proficient readers and are designed for adolescents who need structured remediation in reading and writing. Scaffolded instruction and extensive practice focus on the development of reading comprehension skills and strategies, as well as writing and composition.