Many families have found online curriculum to be a great fit for their homeschooling needs. GSN’s engaging curricula are designed to motivate students of all ages.  Our self-paced learning format provides an effective learning experience for students at all levels.

Online curriculum means learning can happen according to your schedule – whenever and wherever there is Internet access.

All GSN’s curriculum meets national standards so you can have peace of mind your child will learn the material and concepts for their grade level. Each curriculum has automated grading for the majority of the assignments. For assignments and questions needing manual grading each curriculum provides rubrics/or answer keys.  As a parent, you can educate your child with confidence.

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Since 2004, Global Student Network (GSN) has provided the best in online curriculum. GSN customers can choose from several learning products designed so families and schools can pick-and-choose curriculum appropriate for your students’ needs.



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A+ Courseware

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Aligned to national and state standards
  • More than 160 research-based titles
  • Powerful reporting features

Accelerate Courseware

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Grades K-12 full curriculum with electives
  • Task list of assignments due each day
  • Easy to use gradebook

Apex Learning

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Grades 6-12 curriculum including electives
  • Rigorous, engaging courses including Honors and Advanced Placement
  • Adjustable course calendar

Edmentum Courseware

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Grades 6-12 core curriculum including a variety of electives.
  • Highly interactive and full of appealing graphics with today’s teen in mind.
  • Provides the opportunity for students to “test out” of already mastered material.

eDynamic Learning

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Can be added to any of our other programs when developing your course list.
  • Engaging electives that are CTE and interest based.
  • Elective choices for middle school and high school students.

OdysseyWare Curriculum

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Grades 3-12 curriculum
  • User-friendly
  • Assignment list shows students what is due each day

Ignitia Christian Curriculum

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Grades 3-12 Christian curriculum
  • User-friendly
  • Assignment list shows students what is due each day

Study Island

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • Built-in games to engage learning
  • Easy to use student dashboard
  • Interactive lessons and activities
  • Standards-specific practice

Rosetta Stone Language Learning

Noteworthy Benefits:

  • 24 languages available
  • User-friendly platform
  • Interactive and engaging lessons

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As a school, signing up with Global Student Network includes :

  • Student enrollment assistance
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  • Recruitment materials for students and faculty
  • Assistance with student/teacher data entry via GSN’s curriculum platform
  • Individual usernames and passwords for each student, teacher and administrative staff member
  • Ongoing technical and programming support

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